How does a wood rot repair work?

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When you have wood rot you can choose to repair it yourself, or you can bring in a wood rot specialist to do it. You can find such a specialist through EAZYFIX®. He will come to your home to make an inventory of all the wood rot spots. Based on the inventory, a quote is made and a follow up appointment is made to expertly repair your window.


Tip: To make sure the damage is limited, it would be sensible to regularly check your windows for wood rot. The longer wood rot is allowed to spread, the bigger the chances are that the rotten spots become serious problems and lead to mounting repair costs.


Calculate the costs of your wood rot repair by a wood rot specialist with our calculation tool!

“Did you know that repair is almost always cheaper than replacement?”

5-step plan by EAZYFIX®

If you have your wood rot repair carried out by a professional of Eazyfix then that is a process of 5 steps. Read and see how this works. Do you prefer to get started? Of course you can! Click here to read more about it.

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Step 2
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Step 5

Calculate costs

You find wood rot in your windows and would like to have it repaired by a wood rot specialist. You can find one at EAZYFIX®. You can use our handy calculation tool to have an idea of the cost of window repair.

Make an appointment

EAZYFIX® will select a number of specialists in your vicinity. From these you can choose which wood rot specialists you would like to make an appointment to take an inventory. You can always plan the appointment within 10 working days.

Wood rot inspection

As soon as you have made an appointment with the wood rot specialist, he will come to your home for a final inspection of the wood rot spots and give you advice. This way you will immediately know which repairs need to be done and based on this, a quote for the repair of the windows will be made. You will receive the quote within 4 working days of the inventory.

Repair wood rot

An appointment will be made for the repair of the windows after the quote has been discussed and approved. On average, it will take one day but can occasionally take longer (depending on the number of repairs). Bear in mind that the windows will need to be repainted after the repairs have taken place! This too can be arranged by EAZYFIX®.

Frame is like new again!

The window repairs have been concluded and everything looks as it should again. Bear in mind that the warranty comes through your wood rot specialist and not through EAZYFIX®. Make sure to make clear agreements!

You no longer have to worry about wood rot in the repaired areas after the repair. However, we advise you to regularly check the rest of your windows. Wood is and will always remain a natural product!







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