Wood rot repair: do it yourself!

Do you have wood rot in your home that needs repairing? Repairing the wood rot can save you a lot of money and would have the same end result as a complete replacement. In this blog we explain everything about wood rot repair, so you can fix it yourself or have it repaired without any worries.


What is wood rot and how does it occur?

Wood rot is damage to the timber caused by fungi. If the timber becomes damp, for example due to rain, fungi can grow. If this happens often, the timber cannot dry properly causing the rot to re-occur wood rot can also be occur from the moisture in the air, from rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.


The advantages of wood rot repair

The repair of wood rot has several advantages over the replacement of the timber. Repairing is much cheaper as this can save tens of thousands of pounds. There is also a lot less inconvenience with a wood rot repair than with replacement. This is because everything is repaired from the outside and the chance of damaging other parts of the house is therefore minimal. Lastly, the wood rot repair is also much more environmentally friendly, because no unnecessary timber is thrown away.


Carry out your wood rot repair with EAZYFIX® Wood Fillers

With the Wood Fillers from EAZYFIX® you can easily repair your timber yourself. First use our Premium Wood Hardener for better adhesion. Then fill up the timber with the Premium Wood Filler. Finally, sand and smooth then paint over the timber and it looks great again! To find out how to fix your repair, use our step-by-step guide to help.



Restore wood with wood filler

EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler can be used to repair dry-rot damage in the woodwork of window frames, doors, stairs and furniture.

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