About us


EAZYFIX® is the product line of the company Repair Care Home, a subsidiary of Repair Care. Repair Care is market leader in solutions for wood rot repairs for the professional painting and maintenance market and has decades of experience with this.


In the world of housing corporations, municipalities and schools etc. repairing wood rot damage is the most normal thing in the world. However, private homeowners often do not seem to know that wood rot in window frames can in most cases be repaired very well and sustainably.


We at EAZYFIX® know that there is an excellent opportunity to solve wood rot problems for good. With EAZYFIX® we make it as simple as possible for homeowners. No specialist is needed to make it clear that this leads to very interesting cost savings for you as a homeowner. The cost of a sustainable wood rot repair of wood rot with EAZYFIX® is much lower than that of replacing complete frames!


EAZYFIX® is for anyone who has wood rot damage to his window frames. We offer a solution if you would like to have this repaired by a wood rot specialist or if you want to get started with the products of EAZYFIX®.


We specialize in providing a lasting solution for wood rot damage. Do you want to fix your window frames professionally, quickly and permanently? EAZYFIX® provides a wood rot specialist trained by Repair Care. This specialist has successfully completed the internal training program of Repair Care and can officially call itself a wood rot specialist. This gives you the assurance that your wood rot problems are a thing of the past.



Repair Care Home aims to make repairing as attractive, simple, sustainable and economical as possible for the homeowner. We want to show that the environment and wallet can be saved enormously and replacing materials in your home is often not necessary.


Repair Care Home aims to make the homeowners in the world handle their property as sensibly and sustainably as possible and to avoid the need to replace parts. The basis for this is the proper repair of (parts of) their home to save the environment and the wallet as much as possible, while maintaining or even improving the total value of the house.

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