Restore wood with wood filler

EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler can be used to repair dry-rot damage in the woodwork of window frames, doors, stairs and furniture. You can easily repair it yourself, but if you prefer to have it repaired by one of our specialists, that, too, is an option.


Recognise dry rot

Long-term exposure to different weather conditions can cause damage to the wood and dry rot is often the culprit. Dry rot is caused by fungi that grow in damp wood, usually in outdoor frames because they are exposed to wet weather.


You can recognize dry rot by the soft spots in the wood, or, if the wood is painted, by the cracks in the paintwork. If the wood is not painted, other signs are discoloration of the wood: the wood will have a dark-brown colour. The spots can easily be dented with a screwdriver, etc. If you would like to know more about identifying dry rot, read our blog “How can you recognize dry rot”.


Repair dry-rot damage yourself

If you discover damage to your woodwork, either indoors and outdoors, you will want to repair it as quickly as possible. You can easily do it yourself with our Premium Wood Filler and How-To-Fix coach. The wood filler consists of two components in one tube, which you must mix in the right proportions. Use the Dosing Gun to make sure you have the correct ratio. EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler is unique due to its elasticity, which is maintained after the wood filler has hardened. As a result, it expands and shrinks with the wood and cracks will not occur again in that spot, so your repair will remain strong for a long time to come!

Have we managed to convince you to repair the dry-rot damage with our Premium Wood Filler yourself? Have a look at our dry-rot fillers and tools.


Get someone in to repair dry-rot damage

Would you rather have the dry-rot damage repaired by a dry-rot specialist? Specialists can often repair the damage within a day and you will have a 6-year warranty on the repair too. If you are curious about the money you could save by repairing the damage instead of replacing your window frames? Use our calculation tool.



Filling wood with EAZYFIX®

If you discover dry rot in your window frames, you can solve the problem easily by repairing the damage. In 95% of cases, replacement is not necessary at all!

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