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EAZYFIX® products  are very easy and quick to use for repairing dry-rot damage in your window frames, doors or other wood. Our products ensure that the damage is properly repaired and the woodwork lasts for years. EAZYFIX® products stand out from other dry-rot fillers for many reasons. Here, we have listed the 5 most important reasons for choosing our Premium Wood Filler.


1. Easily to use and shape (without a mould!)

EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler is easy to shape to the repair surface and it keeps its shape so well you do not need a mould at all. It does not stick to your pallet knives so the final result is immediately as you want it without any mess. The repair will not  collapse or shrink either, even after hardening. A useful tip is to use our Repair Spatulas for modelling.


2. Quickest to use and easy to sand

You can continue the repair 20 minutes after applying the Premium Wood Hardener – which is necessary to make your wood strong and for good adhesion to the Premium Wood Filler. With other impregnation products, you often have to wait for hours before you can continue. In addition, our dry-rot filler is easy to sand after hardening and any irregularities can easily be repaired and shaped precisely to the original shape of the wood. If you want it to be even smoother, try our Fine Surface Filler (which can also be sanded within an hour) for a mirror-smooth surface.


3. Longer-lasting; it remains elastic after hardening, too

Our Premium Wood Filler is made of a specially created epoxy that, unlike other dry-rot fillers on the market, ensures that the repair paste remains elastic and expands and shrinks with the wood so no cracks appear in the repair, which can last 10 to 30 years.


4. Quickly paintable

The repair can be sanded and repainted after just 4 hours of drying. Once it has been repainted, no trace of the repair will be visible and the woodwork will last for years. The same applies to our Fine Surface Filler (should you still want to repaint it).


5. Best guide for repairs

For the repair of your dry-rot damage, use our step-by-step explanation in our easy-to-follow video. You will find this step-by-step guide at the How-To-Fix coach on our website. Now you know exactly what to do! And if you still have questions, please contact us!


If you have become so enthusiastic about EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler that you want to repairg the dry-rot damage yourself, choose our Premium Wood Filler or go for one of our starter packages, which contain all the necessaries for dry-rot repair at an extra discount.


If you prefer to have the dry-rot damage repaired by a specialist, that, too, is an option We work with certified dry-rot specialists throughout the country. Calculate the costs of repairing your dry-rot damage with our calculation tool.



Restore wood with wood filler

EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler can be used to repair dry-rot damage in the woodwork of window frames, doors, stairs and furniture.

Filling wood with EAZYFIX®

If you discover dry rot in your window frames, you can solve the problem easily by repairing the damage. In 95% of cases, replacement is not necessary at all!

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