EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Hardener

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2 Components Premium Wood Hardener

Treat the wood before applying the EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler, with the Premium Wood Hardener. This ensures that the wood is as strong as possible and the Wood Filler will keep bonding to the wood. The EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Hardener is easy to apply with the EAZYFIX® Disposable Brush.

Mix both components in a 1:1 ratio. You can easily do this with the dosage marks on both bottles. Always mix both components in the EAZYFIX® Mixing Cup. Thanks to the special inner coating, this cup is resistant to the heat released during the mixing of the Wood Hardener.

Skin contact may cause epoxy allergy. Therefore, always work with EAZYFIX® Nitrile Disposable Gloves.

The packaging of both components is provided with a child-resistant closure. To open the bottles, first press the cap and then turn it.


  • Content: 15 ml of component A (colour: blue); 15 ml component B (colour: transparent).
  • Size: 8 x ø 2 cm (per bottle)
  • Purpose: ensures optimal adhesion of the Premium Wood Filler to the wood.
  • Processing temperature: 0 – 30°C
  • Action time: 25 minutes


View here the steps of the entire wood rot repair.

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