7 tips for repairing damage caused by dry rot

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It’s easy to repair damage from dry rot yourself with our How-To-Fix coach by simply following these steps; our videos make it even easier.  As well as our step-by-step instructions, we have some tips you should bear in mind when repairing damage caused by dry rot.


1. Only make repairs on dry wood

Before you make the repairs, you must first check whether the wood is dry. If you try to repair damp wood, the repair may start to rupture, which would, of course, be a waste of all your hard work.


2. Remove all wood fibres

When starting your repair, always start by removing the dry rot with a chisel or cutter. Make sure you remove all the rotten wood: any wood fibres or dirt that still remains must be removed with sandpaper and then you can apply Premium Wood Hardener to ensure an even better adhesion of Premium Wood Filler.


3. The repair must be at least 5 mm thick

When filling your repair, you must ensure that our Premium Wood Filler is at least 5 millimetres thick everywhere to prevent cracks appearing in your repair.


4. Prevent air entrapment in the repair

Air (bubbles) in the repair can cause the repair to break: the air can expand if  it gets very hot and the expansion could cause the repair to eventually tear apart or come loose from the wood.


5. Always use Premium Wood Hardener

We always strongly recommend using our Premium Wood Hardener before filling the repair with our Premium Wood Filler to ensure better adhesion of the filler to the wood, which is ultimately better for the final result.


6. Never make repairs in full sun

It is, of course, nicer to repair your outdoor woodwork in the summer, but make sure that you do not do any repair work in the full sun or leave the repair to harden in the sun. The heat from the sun can cause the dry-rot treatment to dry too fast and your repair can become less elastic.


7. The air temperature and thickness of the repair affects the drying and hardening time

As we explained above, heat can accelerate the drying time. The thickness of your repair will also influence the drying time: the thicker, the faster the treatment works.


If you want to get started on solving your dry rot problems yourself, remember to bear these 7 tips in mind and don’t forget to follow the instructions given by our How-To-Fix coach. The How-To-Fix coach explains, step-by-step, how to repair damage cause by dry rot. Shop for our dry-rot repair products quickly and easily online!



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