Window frame Repair: cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly!

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Often, when you find dry rot in a window frame, you immediately think of replacing the entire frame. However, experience has taught us that this is not necessary in 95% of the cases. Window frame repair is an equivalent alternative at much lower costs! 

Repair vs. replacement

Window frames are actually only in such a bad state that they can no longer be repaired in 5% of the cases. In all other cases, you can repair the rotten spots perfectly, making your frame as good as new again!


The benefits of window frame repair

Repairing your frame has several advantages over replacing your window frames. Repairing your window frames is much cheaper and can save you tens of thousands of pounds. Another advantage is that it causes much less inconvenience because it can be repaired from the outside. In the case of wood repair, you have the least chance of damage to the indoor plaster work, for example. Finally, it is better for the environment because wood is not wasted unnecessarily while installing plastic frames has a drastic impact on the environment. If you would like to know more about the advantages of window frames repair, visit the page “The advantages of repairing window frames”.

Repair your window frame with EAZYFIX® products

Use EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler and Premium Wood Hardener for easy repairs to damage caused by dry rot in your wood. The repaired spots of dry rot in the wood will last a lifetime and will not be visible once they have been painted. If you are curious about easy window frame repairs, follow our step-by-step guide and watch the DIY films by our How-To-Fix coach. Your frames will look as good as new again! Go directly to our online shop for our dry-rot repair products.


Get your dry rot fixed by a specialist

If you prefer to have your window frames repaired by a dry-rot specialist, then you will be happy to learn that EAZYFIX® works with skilled painters and maintenance companies who have been trained by Repair Care as dry-rot specialists. They have a lot of experience and can repair your wooden window frames within a day. Our website has a list  of specialists throughout the country, so you can find one in your area! Find a specialist in your area.




Restore wood with wood filler

EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler can be used to repair dry-rot damage in the woodwork of window frames, doors, stairs and furniture.

Filling wood with EAZYFIX®

If you discover dry rot in your window frames, you can solve the problem easily by repairing the damage. In 95% of cases, replacement is not necessary at all!

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