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Did you know that you can also use EAZYFIX as a super-strong adhesive? And that you can use Fine Surface Filler over Wood Filler, making it easy to smooth away any unevenness? With these handy tips, you can make your repair as efficient and easy as possible. EAZYFIX is happy to help you carry out your wood repair! Watch the videos and start repairing.

Opening the cap of the Premium Fine Surfacefiller
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how to open and close wood filler

The EAZYFIX® Wood Filler and EAZYFIX® Fine Surface Filler must be tightly sealed to ensure the epoxy does not dry out. 

using a heat gun to remove cured epoxy
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clean knives thoroughly

After a repair, clean your tools with the EAZYFIX® Cleaning Wipes. Forgotten this for a moment? Then you can still clean them with a heat gun.

buttering the wood rot repair with a buttering spatula
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Repair window frame

Repairing a window frame is easy to do yourself. But how do you begin this repair? We explain that in this video.

using a plastic spatula to form the Wood Filler
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The Plastic Repair Spatula can be used in various ways. For example, use it as a mould for your wood repair.

Remove the wood rot with the Wood Rot Cutter
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Remove wood rot yourself

This video shows how effectively a router removes wood rot. Use a multi-tool and a special head for routing wood rot.

Dispose garbage inside the gloves
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Gloves trick

Clean up your waste easily in EAZYFIX’s Nitrile Disposable Gloves. This is how you repair wood rot efficiently and super cleanly.

repair thickness
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repair thickness

In this EAZYTIP video, you can see exactly how deep your repair should be. Remove the rotten spots and make sure you also remove at least 5mm around the rotten spots with a router. 

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Gereedschap schoonmaken

Zo kun je uitgeharde resten Houtrotvuller of Plamuur makkelijk van je gereedschap krabben. Liever voorkomen dan genezen? Gebruik de Reinigingsdoekjes van EAZYFIX.

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Houtrot in kozijn

Houtrot repareren met de Houtrotfrees, Houtversterker en Houtrotvuller. Zo bereik je gemakkelijk een onbeperkt duurzaam resultaat.

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