Wall damage repair step-by-step plan

Wall Filler DIY video

This DIY video shows you how to work with the EAZYFIX® Premium Wall Filler.

Step 1: Remove dust

Remove dirt and dust with a broom or cloth.

Step 2: Prepare tube

Cut the cap off the tube. Do not cut into the threads. Screw the spout onto the tube and, if necessary, cut it to size depending on the size of the hole to be filled.

Step 3: Fill the gap

Spray the Wall Filler directly into the damage with a Dosing Gun. Take the tension off the Dosing Gun as soon as the hole is filled.

Step 4: Smoothing

Lightly moisten the knife with a cloth and iron off the repair. 

Stap 5: Sanding & Painting

The Wall Filler is repaintable after 2 hours. Do you want to sand the Wall Filler first? Then wait 24 hours.

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