With the wood repair products from EAZYFIX® your woodwork will be restored. Due to the elasticity it moves with the wood, as a result, there are no more cracks and your repair will therefore last for a long time. In addition, you can easily paint over it after repairing.

The advantages of window frames repair at a glance:


When you replace your windows, the costs increase considerably. By repairing the wood rot, your frame is restored and money is saved. For those that can’t repair your frames yourself, we have wood rot specialists who can do this for you. The costs are therefore only a fraction of the replacement costs and you also have a minimum of 6 years warranty on the repair.


When repairing windows, there is less inconvenience in comparison to frame replacement, since no door frame or glass needs be removed.


When repairing the frames, only the window frames are used. This ensures that no damage can occur to other parts of the house, such as the stucco inside, the tile work or the window sills.


In almost all cases it is also possible to have double glazing in your current frame. This therefore does not have to be a reason to have your frames replaced. And it remains a lot cheaper.


Repairing your window frames is known to environmentally friendly. It akes 8 times more energy to produce PVC-U windows than timber. Timber windows typically come with a 30 year warranty in comparison to PVC-U that only come with 10.

Do you still doubt between repairing or replacing? Upload photos of your own frame and let us advise you without obligation.