EAZYFIX® is the solution for wood rot. With wood rot you often immediately think of timber replacement instead of repairing. We know from experience that wood rot can almost always be repaired. This is still a fairly unknown solution for the homeowner. Repair Care has been the market leader for timber repair products within the professional market for many years. In order to help homeowners, Repair Care Home has been introduced to the market with its specialised EAZYFIX® brand.


To avoid unnecessary high costs by replacing your timber frames, our products will ensure you achieve the same end result at a fraction of the cost.


Repair VS. Replace

Repairing has much more advantages compared to replacement. This makes repairing the best solution! You only have to repair the rotten areas in the timber. The wood that is still good does not need to be repaired which will save money due to not needing to replace the whole frame.


Benefits of repairing


  • Cost reduction. The most important one is the costs. When replacing your window, you will quickly pay thousands of pounds. When repairing your window this is much less. In short, a cost saving of up to 90%!
  • There is less inconvenience when repairing. Only the rotten areas are tackled. The window and doorframe do not have to be removed completely. In addition, the work can be carried out from the outside.
  • You do not have to worry about damaging other parts of your house, which can happen when you replace it. Because they repair this from the outside, there is the least chance of damage.
  • Double glass can also easily be placed in your current window. You do not need to purchase a new window for this.
  • Finally, this is the most sustainable solution because stable wood is not thrown out unnecessarily.

Repair your window with the wood fillers of EAZYFIX®

The products of EAZYFIX® have been specially developed so that you can easily repair the wood rot yourself. Our Wood Fillers remain elastic after hardening, so that it moves with the wood and cannot crack. Not even in the longer term. Our how-to-fix coach will help you through the repair step by step. Afterwards you can paint over the repair and your window is as good as new again!

Maak kennis met EAZYFIX®
Maak kennis met EAZYFIX®



Restore wood with wood filler

EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler can be used to repair dry-rot damage in the woodwork of window frames, doors, stairs and furniture.

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