Repair wood damage in stairs


Do you live in a house with a wooden staircase? Then pay close attention to wood damage! Wooden stairs wear out because people walk on them every day. Also, if the staircase is in a damp house, leads to a damp garage or basement, wood can rot. More often, because objects have fallen on them, for example, damage occurs on stairs, such as bumps and cracks. This makes the stairs look less attractive and worn. Fortunately, this can be easily repaired!

Many people choose to cover the stairs. This is a good way to prevent rapid wear and tear, and in doing so, it also often protects the stairs from damage or deterioration due to wood rot. If you do have a wooden staircase that is painted, it can wear out more easily and it is difficult to see what is going on underneath the paint. By checking the stairs regularly, you can detect wood damage and wood rot in time and repair it before more damage is done.

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When to use Fine Surface Filler?

Premium Fine Surface Filler is suitable for quick repair of minor damage and defects in wood. For example, for filling and smoothing cracks, holes and knots. In short, intended for all types of wood damage, except damage caused by wood rot. In case of wood rot, use EAZYFIX© Wood Filler

EAZYFIX© Fine Surface Filler is Epoxy-based and remains flexible enough after curing to move with the action the wood. It therefore retains its shape in the long term and will not crack or expand. So for indoor and certainly outdoor use, it is best to use an Epoxy-based Fine Surface Filler.

Want to see step by step how to use putty? Then take a look at the how-to-fix coach.

Applying Fine Surface Filler over Wood Filler

The Fine Surface Filler can also be used over the cured EAZYFIX® Wood Filler. This allows you to smooth away possible unevennesses effortlessly and ensure a perfectly smooth end result.

First make sure you sand the Wood Filler well. This ensures good adhesion with the Fine Surface Filler. Then you can apply the Fine Surface Filler directly to the sanded Wood Filler.

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