What is wood rot?

Wood rot is a term that often occurs in the painting and maintenance sector. What does this mean? Is this easy for you, as a homeowner, to repair? We hope by the end of reading this blog, you will know more on how to repair your wood rot issues.


What causes wood rot?

Wood rot is an attack on the timber caused by fungi. Fungi in timber originally comes from damp wood. If the timber becomes damp and cannot dry, fungi will develop. This fungi then causes the wood rot. Wood rot can occur when the timber is exposed to most weather conditions such as sun, rain and wind.


Wood rot is unavoidable

Wood rot is hard to prevent when the timber is in the open air. The weather conditions have a lot of influence on the occurrence of wood rot. Weather influences such as rain, wind and temperature changes are a major cause of fungi in the timber. Wood rot outdoors is therefore unavoidable. However, it is important to check your wood every year. The sooner you identify it, the easier is to repair. Curious how to identify wood rot? Then take a look at our blog ‘How to identify wood rot’.


Wood rot indoors

Wood rot does not only occur outside. Damaged areas may also appear inside the house. Usually rooms with a high moisture content, such as the cellar, kitchen or bathroom, are places where fungi can quickly develop. Good drainage systems and ventilation are very important to prevent this as much as possible.


How can you repair wood rot?

Wood rot is easy to repair and is a much cheaper alternative than to replace the entire item. With the EAZYFIX® products you can easily repair your own wood rot damage. Would you still prefer to have your wood rot damage repaired by a specialist? Our specialists have successfully completed the wood rot training by Repair Care and can often give you a guarantee of 6 years or more.

Wat is houtrot?
Wat is houtrot?



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