EAZYFIX® Cleaning Wipes – 60 pieces

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Cleaning Wipes for the cleaning of tools. 

Removes residues of epoxy, sealant, paint, glue, fat and oil. The EAZYFIX® Cleaning Wipes are twice as effective as normal wipes. The wipes do not tear, are lint-free, have a pleasant smell and are made of high-quality material. The remaining cleaning agent on the product dissolves automatically.

The cleaning wipes are in a plastic packaging with a lockable lid so that the wipes stay moist. If you use the EAZYFIX® Cleaning Wipes for the first time, loosen the cap and pull the first wipe through the opening. Then you can open the package at the top to take a wipe.


  • Content: 60 stuks
  • Wipes dimensions: 14 x 24 cm.
  • Packaging dimensions: 18 x ø 10.5 cm


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Let the cleaning agent of the wipes work equally well on the material to be cleaned. You will see that cleaning is even easier afterwards.

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