EAZYFIX® Premium Wall Filler

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  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting result
  • Quick professional result
  • Suitable for filling and smoothing cracks, static joints and holes with a maximum width and depth of 50 millimetres. The Wall Filler has good adhesion to stone, concrete, plaster, masonry and plaster.

    Use EAZYFIX® Premium Wall Filler to fill and smooth cracks, joints and holes of up to 50 mm in all walls. It has particularly good adhesion to porous materials such as stone, concrete, plaster, masonry, plaster and so on. Premium Wall Filler has a white colour, so painting over on a white wall is not necessary. The product is mainly used for indoor walls. The Premium Wall Filler has a content of 310 millilitres. With a single tube, you can repair all walls.


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