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Outdoor wood rot can easily occur. When wood is exposed to moisture or heat, fungi can become active and attack the wood. This is especially true outdoors: garden furniture, garden sheds, verandas and window frames are exposed to the sun, rain and wind all day long.

This can have all kinds of consequences: window frames full of wood rot no longer seal properly and can cause leaks. Garden furniture or verandas lose strength and become dangerous to stand or sit on. It is therefore very important to check your exterior wood properly for wood rot and to intervene in time.

What makes wood rot difficult to spot in time is the fact that a lot of wood is worked. For example, window frames and furniture are often painted and you cannot see through the paint to see how the wood is doing. Fortunately, there are all kinds of ways to still find out if you suffer from outdoor wood rot. EAZYFIX’s How-To-Fix Coach will tell you those and also explain step by step how to repair your wood. Together with EAZYFIX, you will ensure a professional result.

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If you find wood rot while maintaining your house, it is important to do something about it as soon as possible. This is because if it is left untreated, leaks and draughts can occur. This will cause the rotting process to continue, until you eventually have to replace a window frame.

Fortunately, replacing the entire framework is almost never necessary: window frame repair with EAZYFIX’s Wood Filler is a simple and lasting solution.

this is how you recognise wood rot

1. Weak spots: gently press into the wood with an awl or screwdriver (use the blunt side if necessary). Is the wood soft? Then this usually indicates wood rot.

2. Loosening of paint: if the paint layer is coming off, this can be an indication of wood rot. So check the paint layer carefully for any cracks, air bubbles or flaking off.

3. Discolouration of the wood: if the wood discolours into a brown or black colour, this often indicates wood rot. Unfortunately, discolouration can only be seen on unpainted wood.


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