EAZYFIX® Mixing Plate

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Mixing Plate for mixing the EAZYFIX® Premium Wood Filler and Premium Fine Surface Filler

On this Mixing Plate, the two components of the Wood Filler and Fine Surface Filler can easily be mixed with an EAZYFIX® Metal Mixing Spatula. The epoxy does not bond to the Mixing Plate.

The high raised edge allows you to keep a good grip on the EAZYFIX® Mixing Plate. The light green colour ensures that there is a good contrast between the Wood Filler and the Mixing Plate itself. This makes it easier to see whether the components are well mixed.



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1. Spread the paste as thinly as possible on the mixing board. This extends the processing time. (Processing time Wood filler: 20 – 25 min; Processing time Fine Surface Filler: 7 – 10 min)
2. Attention: clean the mixing board within the processing time of the paste so that it does not harden on the mixing board.
3. Would you like to see how you can best use the Wood Filler? Use the How-To-Fix Coach and discover how you can easily carry out wood repairs yourself. For personal guidance mail to uksupport@eazy-fix.com or call 0330 808 1084.
4. Also, use the EAZYFIX® Mixing Spatula. After your repair, clean the mixing board and spatula with a cleaning wipe. This way you can continue to use the tools.

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